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At St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community, faith in the future has brought together a community of nearly 1,400 households since our founding in 1916. This same, forward-looking spirit led us to establish the St. Bartholomew Educational Endowment Fund in 1997. Our endowment has been accumulating funds that will be put to good use strengthening existing programs and starting important new ones. Over time, it will become an integral part of our total parish financial planning.

As our growth continues, we need your help to assure our promise to each other as a parish and to our community. St. Bartholomew realizes that we must be prepared to do business in the long term, rather than focusing solely on immediate needs or short-term issues. The best way for St. Bartholomew to continue to grow and serve is with the ongoing financial support of our endowment fund.

Our educational endowment fund does not replace the generous, consistent weekly offerings that continue to serve as our mainstay for salaries, supplies, building maintenance and annual expenses. Instead, it permits long-range planning that can also help assure the continuation of important educational programs.


Sustaining Our Growth and Stability

Giving to the St. Bartholomew Educational Endowment Fund is a unique opportunity to ensure our Parish’s educational stability for generations to come. The original corpus (the original investment) will never be spent, but rather each year, some of the earnings will be disbursed to fund educational programs. A portion of the earnings will also be retained so the endowment will grow in value. Over time, every gift is part of an important investment that helps make a big contribution.

How can I contribute to the St. Bartholomew Endowment Fund?
  • Will or bequest
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Stock
  • Life-income gift (annuity, trust)
  • In memory or in honor of a loved one

Your gift will remain intact in perpetuity. All gifts to the St. Bartholomew Educational Endowment are professionally managed and secure. We invite you to discuss your gift with a member of the Development and Endowment Committee before making your contribution to the fund.

Cindy Schriever
Development/Stewardship of Treasure
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